English Roses

English Roses

Quintessential garden flowers, roses come in many forms including shrub, standard, rambling, climbing and patio. A real pleasure to grow in your garden, not only for their beauty but often for their classic scent, perfect for growing next to a seating area or along a path to enjoy their fragrance.

Roses are extremely versatile, grow them in your garden alongside other summer flowering plants for a mixed border (single flowered roses are great pollinators). Allow the ramblers and climbers to scramble along fences and hedges (ramblers are far more vigorous than climbers) or up and over a pergola or obelisk.  Roses can do very well in planted pots, either the shrub or the patio variety, and can look quite stunning, they do however need a deep pot and try and keep the roots as cool as possible.

Available in a huge range of colours and sizes roses are a healthy robust addition to your garden, often with repeat flowering long into the autumn. Leaving the spent blooms on the bushes will produce hips lasting through autumn into winter. These are a valuable source of food for our garden birds.

Easy to grow, most will thrive in full sun. Water regularly so the soil stays moist but not water-logged. Mulch annually with well-rotted farm manure and use a rose feed to encourage blooms in the summer.

(Rose shown in picture – David Austin ‘Desdemona’)

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