A Rose For Every Garden

A Rose For Every Garden

21st June 2021


Roses are beautiful, iconic, versatile and instantly recognisable plants that thrive in full sun (they can cope with partial shade) and flower abundantly from early summer in an amazing choice of colours. Available in many forms including shrub, patio, standard, floribunda, rambling and climbing.  A rose for every garden!

Single flower roses are loved by our garden pollinators and are used by leaf cutter bees to make their nests.

Roses like a rich, moist, well-drained soil. Being a ‘hungry’ plant mulch annually with organic matter such as well-rotted farm manure and use a specific rose feed in the summer to encourage flowering.

David Austin Roses have been grown on a family farm in Shropshire and nurtured by hand for over 60 years.  Their roses have the most beautiful blooms and in most cases a wonderful fragrance.  Their outstanding roses are hard to beat for sheet exuberance.

For varieties and prices please call St John's Barnstaple on 01271 343884 or St John's Ashford on 01271 320525

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