St. John's is the leading North Devon Garden Centre with a long history of providing quality service to local and regional customers for over 50 years.

We have a large open plan shopping centre, plant and tree display, under cover plant area, restaurant, Jungleland and an off-site nursery where many of the plants are grown. We also have a landscaping division. The current centre displays and sells all garden related items and leisure products including sheds, furniture, barbeques, pots, clothes, homewares, gifts and seasonal items. We also have a comprehensive pet product department.

We are hoping to move to a brand new garden centre in due course and will update you with any news or progress as it occurs. For more info visit our Blog.

Our Heritage

St. John’s was started in 1958 and is now over 50 years old. We celebrated this event in 2008 and the business is now run by three Oliver brothers – Nick, Simon & Tom. David & Patsy Oliver began the nursery as a smallholding: planting, harvesting and selling flowers and vegetables from the site at the bottom of St John's Lane.

1960 - The GreenhousesEarly 60s - The Oliver family NEW1964 - Simon, Tom, Francis, Nick (lighter) NEW

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