Baby Plants & Seedlings

Baby Plants & Seedlings

16th February 2022


Baby Plants and Seedlings – the easy way to a colourful summer.

Be inspired and create a dramatic and spectacular display of colour in your garden this summer.  ‘Baby plants’ and ‘seedlings’ are ready for potting and growing on in a sheltered environment (a bright windowsill, greenhouse or conservatory) before being planted out in your pots, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets once all danger of frost has passed.

These baby plants and seedlings have been carefully selected from varieties with proven track records to bring you the best quality plants, and therefore the best possible start to give you an unforgettable display this year.

Please note – Baby Plants & Seedlings are mainly available in our Barnstaple store, with a limited selection at Ashford.  For further information please call us on 01271 343884.

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