British Conifer Week  2nd-10th October

British Conifer Week 2nd-10th October

7th October 2021


Celebrate British Conifer Week : 2nd-10th October 2021

Such are their popularity, conifers have been attributed by their own week!  Low maintenance and bringing all year round colour and interest into your garden, conifers can work very well as a backdrop, in a planted container or just added to your beds and borders with other plants.

Extremely versatile, conifers come in an extensive range of shapes, textures and colours (the vast majority of them being evergreen) with sizes ranging from a tiny dwarf to a magnificent tree!

Hardy, low maintenance and easy to care for, they are ideal choice for the novice gardener.

Some conifers can also be shaped into topiary (an ancient art of clipping into an architecturally interesting shape, often found in the formal gardens of manor houses and stately homes).

Come along and see our range in store now, chat to a member of staff about the right conifer for your garden, and how to care for it.

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