22nd February 2022


Our ‘Plant of the Moment‘ is the glorious Camellia. These beautiful evergreen  plants will give year-round interest with their deep green glossy leaves and will add much needed colour to your early spring garden.

Available in a variety of colours from white through to pale pink, deep red or variegated, they will bloom all through winter and early spring.

Camellias are easy to grow and are equally happy in your garden beds and borders or in a pot on your patio. Camellias require an acid soil so remember to use ericaceous compost when planting in a pot.

Available to purchase at St John's Barnstaple (01271 343884) and St John's Ashford (01271 320525).

Need advice about buying, planting and caring for a camellia?  Please ask one of our knowledgeable members of staff, they are always on hand to help you choose the right plant for your garden.

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