1st July 2022


With their showy blooms in a multitude of colours, dahlias light up sunny garden borders all through the summer – and summer wouldn’t be summer without at least one of these beauties!

Suiting most garden styles from tropical to cottage garden they also do very well in patio pots and containers, window boxes, troughs and hanging baskets and will flower all through the summer right up to the first frosts.  Dahlias make lovely cut flowers for the home – the more you cut them the more they produce!

Remember to include some single-flowered varieties to encourage bees and butterflies into your garden.

Dahlias love a sunny sheltered spot in well drained soil (if growing in a pot use a good quality, peat-free, multi-purpose compost). Keep an eye on the taller varieties and stake if necessary.  In autumn dig up the tubers and over-winter them in a frost-free place such as a shed or greenhouse.  Feed once a week with a high potash feed such as tomato feed.

Dahlias are available to buy at St John's Barnstaple 01271 343884 and St John's Ashford 01271 320525

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