Everying you need to keep green fingers happy

As a garden centre we sell all the products you need for maintaining your garden all year round. These range from plant food, pest control, compost of all types, pots and containers, tools and watering equipment. Seeds, bulbs in season, potatoes and onions and much more. You need it, we likely have it.

Some of our selected products and the brands we stock are shown on this page. for more info on anything at all please feel free to get in touch.

We Stock

Selected Gardening Products


Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer – The go-to insecticide for gardeners! Fast acting it can give up to 2 weeks of control. Kills most pests including greenfly, whitefly, caterpillars and pea & bean weevils. Available to buy online.

Prices from £4.99. For further information please call 01271 343884 (Barnstaple) or 01271 320525 (Ashford)
Handy leaf grabbers

Handy Leaf Grabbers – Ideal for scooping up fallen leaves, grass and garden debris! Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and to keep hands dry whilst collecting! Available to buy online.

£4.99 Available in-store at Barnstaple (01271 343884) and Ashford (01271 320525)
Pop up bin 2

Pop-Up Springbin 100L – made from durable water resistant polyester with two carry handles for easy use. Easy to clean, collapse, store and re-use.

£8.99 Available in-store at Barnstaple (01271 343884) and Ashford (01271 320525)
20100266 All Purp slow release Plant Food 2kg

Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food – For use all around the garden. 2kg Slow release plant food to keep plants thriving for longer. Great for hanging basket and containers. Available to buy online.

Price £9.99. Available at St John's Barnstaple (01271 343884) and St John's Ashford (01271 320525)
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