Grafted Vegetable Plants

Grafted Vegetable Plants

7th April 2022


Grafted vegetable plants available in store now.  Choose from a wide selection of plants including aubergines, peppers, sweet peppers, chilli peppers, tomatoes (including plum & beef steak) and cucumbers.

Stronger and more vigorous, grafted vegetable plants can give you up to 75% more crops!  Grafted vegetable plants are easy to grow and do well in sunny sheltered spots in your garden, however for optimum results plant in a greenhouse or polytunnel.

Benefits of Grafted Vegetable Plants:

  • Big increases in yield – from larger, more vigorous plants
  • Earlier cropping – with sufficient vigour to crop well later on in the season
  • Grow in the greenhouse or outdoors – with little or no heating required
  • Greater tolerance to nutritional disorders
  • Excellent soil-borne pest and disease resistance – no more ring culture or grow bags! Plant straight in the soil

Please note – please wait for all danger of frost to have passed before planting out.

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