Named after their ability to grow in Alpine climates, these compact plants are great for growing in rock or gravel gardens, they are also so versatile that you can use them to fill gaps in your borders!



This attractive perennial is topped by short spires of showy flowers in late spring

Excellent ground cover plant, especially in shaded areas

Susceptible to scorching in full sun

Fully hardy in the UK with exception of severe winters


This low-growing perennial produces neat mounds of downy, fern-like foliage

Flowers from spring to late summer, and gently self seeds

It’s brightly coloured flowers attracts pollinators

Excellent ground cover, or great to fill a gap in a dry, sunny border


This upright perennial grows best in full sunlight & in a very well-drained soil – perfect for a rockery!

Salt & Drought tolerant – perfect for coastal gardens!

Very easy to over-water, so keep the plant dry


A popular, fast-growing perennial

Great ground cover on rockeries, dry stone walls & along border edges

Best grown in moist, well-drained soil

Old established plants should be divided to reinvigorate them


A traditional, old-fashioned cottage garden plant

Bell or star shaped flowers in shades of blue, but white & pink are also common

Grown best in well-drained light garden soil

Warm, sunny positioning preferred with plenty of water


Also known as ‘brass buttons’ due to it’s burnt orange & perfectly round appearance

A low-growing herbaceous plant that once established will tolerate drought

Avoid heavy soils, as Cotula dislikes the wet winter

Best grown in a well-drained rock garden or trough


A clump-forming semi-evergreen perennial with dark green leaves

Grows best in well-drained soil in full sun

Can tolerate exposed or sheltered position

Suitable for rock gardens & borders – avoid waterlogged soil


A smaller, natural compact variety of hebe

Usually have small white leaves & in most cases the flowers are small, white & star shaped

Requires very little maintenance

Grows best in moist, well-drained soil, positioned from full-sun to partial shade


Also known as ‘Rock Rose’ 

Fast growing, dwarf evergreen flowering shrub, ideal for a sunny bank or a rock garden

Free flowering from late spring to summer

Position in full sun in well-drained moderately fertilised soil


Succulent plants suited to hot, dry conditions but they are very adaptable – even in wetter parts of the country!

Great for attracting pollinators into your garden

Drought tolerant & easy to grow

Great planted in gravel, along path edges, or in a rockery


This dwarf semi-evergreen perennial forms a compact clump of grass-like leaves

Flowers late spring – early summer

Grow in moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil

Perfect in gravel gardens & rockeries

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