Herbs A-Z

Fragrant, spicy & great for enhancing flavour, easy to grow anywhere, from garden pots to windowsills!

All Herbs available from April until the end of the season (with the exception of Basil, which is only available when the weather warms up). These dates are entirely provisional on the weather. All varieties mentioned are available as seeds.


Also known as wild celery.

A tall biennial with delicate seed pods.

Attractive to birds and pollinators & best positioned in the back of a border or in a wild garden.

Keep well watered & mulch liberally to retain moisture.


There are many kinds of Basil from the pungent aromas of Sweet Basil to the spicy, liquorice infused Thai Basil.

These compact plants are best suited to windowsills, preferring a warmer position & moist soil.

Hot midday sun can be harsh, so if you see wilting, place it in a more sheltered position


An easily grown herb used in informal areas such as cottage gardens, wildlife areas & even vegetable patches.

These sky blue flowers are best for garnishing cocktails or in a salad.

Prefers moist soil to encourage growth, but generally don’t need feeding so often.



An attractive, hardy & easy to grow perennial

It’s foliage attracts cats of which they can safely nibble on

Grow in sunny borders or raised beds in free-draining soil.

Delay cutting back until spring to give ladybirds a chance to hibernate!


Easy to grow & makes an attractive addition to a herb collection either in the ground or a pot.

Plant in a sunny spot of free-draining soil & is full hardy.

Low growing with an apple-like scent, most Chamomile varieties have healing characteristics, such as aiding anxiety & sleep problems


A short-lived herb grown annually

It’s leaves taste milder than Parsley, but have a hint of aniseed

Easy to grow from seed indoors or outdoors and does best in a cool, partly shaded spot

Must be harvested before the plants flowers


Chives are in the onion family. They form clumps of tiny bulbs that sprout narrow, cylindrical leaves of up to 30cm tall.

These leaves can be harvested from spring to autumn, dying down over winter and resprouting in spring

Easy to grow in a lightly shaded spot


Comfrey has long been used for it’s medicinal purposes, providing as a natural inflammatory

Best planted in any average, well-drained soil in a partially shaded area of the garden

Comfrey can grow quite large, so is best planted as a stand alone in a border or a wild garden


An easy crop to grow from seed for it’s leaves or seeds from spring onward

Plants are compact, so make ideal gap fillers on the veg plot or even borders

Water during spells without rain & plant outdoors in a container or the ground

Get an earlier crop from coriander plants by starting them indoors February/March


A delicious, easy to grow herb used mostly with fish dishes, although it was once a remedy for coughs & headaches

Dill flowers will attract bees, hoverflies, butterflies & caterpillars

Plant in well-prepared soil in a sheltered, sunny position. Dill doesn’t usually need feeding, but a well balanced fertiliser can encourage healthy growth


Herb fennel is easy to grow, hardy & drought tolerant & needs virtually no maintenance after established

As well as being edible and aromatic, fennel also looks great in borders & gravel gardens

Likes free-draining soil & full sun, when in flower, it will attract pollinators


Feverfew has commonly been used to treat migraines

Part of the Aster family, Feverfew acts like an annual

Plant in full sun or in a lightly shaded area with well-drained soil

Always keep soil moist 


Also known as Curry Plant, this small bushy evergreen shrub has clusters of yellow flowerheads

Grown in moderately fertile, well-drained soil, this plant is best positioned in full sun

Protect from wet winters & cold dry winds

Versatile herb great for planting in different themed gardens


A small shrub herb from the mint family

Evergreen and grown for it’s aromatic leaves and flowers

Grown in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun

Suitable for different types of gardens, including wild gardens, cottage gardens & as ground cover


Popular, aromatic, drought tolerant plants

Easy to grow and associate well with other shrubs, perennial plants and even roses

Position in a sunny border with well-drained soil & are great for Mediterranean gardens & coastal planting (great for Devon!)

Lemon Balm

A bushy perennial herb with deliciously lemon-scented leaves

A vigorous, easy going herb that thrives in sun or light shade

The leaves give a lemony kick to salads, sauces, fish dishes & make a great tea

Keep plants well watered during dry spells in summer & protect from wet winters


Forming a fountain of slender, arching foliage, Lemongrass grows best in full sun

This tropical herb is best grown in a pot, so it can be moved indoors over winter.

Use the lemon-flavoured stems in cooking to add an aromatic spin to your favourite dishes!


An easy to grow, sun-loving, Mediterranean herb, closely related to Oregano

When in flower, they are very popular with bees and butterflies!

Plant in a sunny spot, but make sure it’s protected in the winter

Best used in Italian or Greek dishes, specifically tomato, meat & poultry dishes


Mint thrives in most soils & are easy to grow

Coming in lots of different varieties from peppermint to lime or chocolate mint, these herbs are perfect for a salad or even a cocktail!

A herbaceous perennial that will die back in winter, as it loves full sun or partial shade


Grown for its spicy, pungent leaves, oregano is a sun-loving Mediterranean herb

Easy to grow, compact and drought tolerant, it thrives in pots or in the ground

Minimal maintenance, likes a warm, sunny, sheltered spot in well-drained soil or a container


Compact and easy to grow from seed, parsley produces nutritious tangy leaves through summer and into autumn

It makes an attractive edging to veg beds and grows well in containers

Can be grown indoors on a well-lit windowsill or planted outdoors from spring onwards & keep well watered


Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves and small mauve, blue, pink or white flowers.

Plant in free-draining soil either in the ground or in a container

It copes well on coastal sites (perfect for Devon!) Apply winter protection to shelter from cold weather


Sage is an attractive, drought-tolerant, easy-to-grow shrubby plant with aromatic, evergreen leaves that are often soft and downy

This Mediterranean herb likes full sun in a warm, sheltered spot, in pots or free-draining soil, and should live for many years with minimal maintenance 


Sorrel is an easy, low-maintenance and hardy perennial with edible, sharp-tasting leaves

Sorrel has long been grown as a medicinal and culinary herb & used as a replacement for lemon before it became widely available

Plant in sun or light shade in containers or in the ground & water regularly


Tarragon is a perennial herb, often woody at the base, with narrow leaves that have a distinctive aromatic flavour

It is highly prized in French cuisine and goes well with fish, eggs and chicken

Choose a warm, sheltered, sunny planting site with fertile, well-drained soil


Thyme is a compact evergreen shrubs with small aromatic leaves.

It’s easy to grow in a warm, sunny spot, in free-draining soil or containers. It’s also drought tolerant and needs little maintenance once settled in – just trim back once a year to keep it compact

Water regularly, but protect from wet weather during winter


A vigorous perennial the forms a wide mat, bearing whorls of bright green, lance-shaped leaves, hay-scented when dry, with terminal clusters of small white, starry flowers from late spring

Grow in any moist, but well-drained soil in partial shade – strong sun will scorch leaves

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