Vegetables A-Z

Try growing your own this year - nothing tastes better than the fruits of your labour!

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Easily grown & propagated, Alfalfa adapts well to nearly any garden, tolerating a wide range of growing conditions, which makes it a good drought-resistant plant too.

When growing Alfalfa, choose a position in full sun that is well-draining

Available in seed



Grown for edible flower buds, produced in summer months

Artichokes like warmth, full sun & free-draining soil & plants require little maintenance once established

Available as seed & bulb in our Summer Flowering Bulb collection & may be available as potted plant post growing season.


A long term crop with plants lasting up to 20 years

Asparagus plants need to be well fed and kept in weed free beds, as they do not like competition!

Asparagus is usually planted in year old crowns, which is available with our Summer Flowering Bulb collection in the Spring



Aubergines are becoming increasingly popular and easier to grow

These tender plants need a lot of warmth and sun to crop. Aubergines benefit from attention, regular watering, misting & feeding

Available as seed, may be available in seedling & grafted plants during growing season

Bean (Broad)

Broad beans are an easy and productive crop, producing valuable early harvests, before most other vegetables are ready

They like a sunny, sheltered site, in rich free-draining soil

Available as seed & 6 pack plugs during growing season

Bean (Climbing, French)

These beans produce good harvests in a relatively small space and are highly decorative too

They like warmth, sun & rich, moisture-retentive soil, with protection from frost and slugs & snails in the early stages

Available in seed

Bean (Runner)

A veg plot staple – one of the easiest crops to grow, producing an abundance of long green pods from mid-summer to early autumn

Give runner beans sun, rich soil and plenty of water – they particularly thrive in cool wet summers

Available in seed & available in veg trays during growing season


Beetroots are deliciously sweet and colourful, packed with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds, and very easy to grow from seed

Once established, beetroot plants don’t need much maintenance, too much watering may inhibit root growth

Available as seed


A variety of kale from the brassica family – varieties range from small compact plants to large elaborate heads

Extremely hardy and makes a great winter crop. Grow in fertile, moist but well-drained soil.

Available in seed & may be available in pack


Broccoli, or sprouting broccoli, is a delicious, nutritious and easy-to-grow member of the cabbage family

Broccoli needs protection from pests, so cover with fine-mesh netting at all times. Weed between plants regularly & water during dry spells.

Available in trays during growing season, also available in seed

Brussel Sprouts

Hardy, robust and slow growing, Brussels are a classic winter vegetable!

Water whenever the soil starts to dry out and support taller plants with canes. Feed in summer to boost growth and remove any fading leaves to keep good airflow around the plants.

Available in trays during growing season, also available in seed

Butternut Squash

Squashes are thirsty plants, especially when fruiting, so aim to keep the soil or most. Regular watering also helps to deter powdery mildew, but take care not to wet the leaves.

Place a tile, brick or wooden board beneath larger fruits to lift them off the damp soil.

May be in single pots & grafted plants March-June & always available as seed


A member of the brassica family, cabbages are hardy, tasty and versatile.

Cabbages are generally easy to look after, but take care to cover them with fine-mesh netting to protect from pests and provide consistent moisture.

Available in trays during growing season, also available as seed


A popular and tasty crop, calabrese produces large domed green heads up to 15cm across.

Calabrese is a fast-growing brassica & needs little maintenance apart from weeding regularly and watering during dry spells. 

Available in trays during growing season, also available in seed


Sweet, tasty and packed with vitamins, carrots are a traditional favourite. 

Carrots are drought resistant, so seldom need watering. However, in long dry spells they will benefit from a soaking – if grown in containers they will need regular watering.

Available in strips during growing season, also available in seed


This tasty, nutritious crop likes deep, fertile soil and regular watering, especially in summer.

Cauliflowers require consistent moisture to form well-shaped heads and need protection from brassica pests at all times.

Available in packs during growing season, also available in seed


Celeriac won’t win any beauty contests, but it more than makes up for this by producing large, reliable crops

Regular and generous watering is the main priority. Remove any side-shoots if they appear, along with damaged leaves.

May be available during growing season, always available in seed


The wild celery plant – from which cultivated varieties have been bred.

The key to success with celery is plenty of water throughout the growing season. If the soil dries out, the stems won’t swell and will be very stringy. 

May be available during growing season, always available in seed


An attractive leafy vegetable, with stalks in an array of bright colours.

Chard needs little maintenance, apart from watering in dry spells and weeding, especially when plants are young.

Available in strips during growing season & also available in seed


Chillies are tender plants that need heat, sun and humidity to fruit well.

Chillies like a humid atmosphere, so in hot weather ‘damp down’ the greenhouse twice a day by pouring a full watering can over the floor, then leave it to evaporate.

Available as seedlings & grafted plants during growing season, also available as seeds


Courgettes are easy to grow from seed & are best started indoors in pots

Courgette plants are super thirsty & require regular watering, with consistently moist soil. Feed every 10-14 days with a high potash fertiliser once fruit starts to swell to boost fruiting

Available as seedlings & grafted plants during the growing season & in seed


Cress is a brilliant plant for children, easy & quick to grow

Cress can be grown either in moist soil or on absorbant material, such as cotton wool in any container

Sow seed on the surface, then cover to retain moistures & place in a well-lit spot like a window. Available in seed


Cucumbers are easy to grow indoors or can be purchased as seedlings or grafted plants

Growing cucumbers up supports can be useful for compact gardens, but cucumber plants can also come in a variety of shapes & sizes, including mini pickling varieties!

Available in seed & seedlings


Endive is a compact, lettuce like vegetable, available in a range of different colours

Best grown either in the ground or in containers, this cut & come again crop takes up very little space with leaves ready to pick in just a month!

Sowing seeds little & often can provide steady crops to harvest even into winter! Available in seed.


Garlic sets come in three different types: hardneck, softneck & elephant, so be sure that your growing conditions are right for these varieties

Be sure to plant garlic the right way up with the pointed tip facing upwards

Birds will often pull up newly planted cloves — use fleece or netting to deter them


Gherkins are very similar in growing needs to the Cucumber. (Gherkins are just essentially mini bumpy cucumbers!) 

 The Gherkin is a sprawling, rampant plant, so needs up to a metre of space. However, these plants can be trailed up trellis or a fence in order to save space

Available in seed or seedling


Horseradish forms a leafy clump that looks like a vigourous dock

Very easy to grow, thriving in sun or partial shade, so much so that it can often times be hard to control. But don’t let it put you off, just plant in to a large pot with enough room to grow

Available in our summer bulb collection



The Kale plant is one of the hardiest vegetables standing up to even the harshest of winters

Kale plants also come in a variety of sizes, including Dwarf varieties for growing your own in smaller spaces

Available as seed or in bedding packs 

Kohl Rabi

With repeat sowing, you can get Kohlrabi from Summer through to the end of Autumn!

Grows best in cool, damp weather & always keep well-watered

Available as seed



Mildly flavoured members of the onion family, these plants are easy to grow from seed sown in Spring or early Summer

Choose a warm, sunny spot in well-drained soil where you haven’t grown leeks or other members of the onion family years prior

Available in seed or bedding in warmer months


Quick and easy to grow, lettuce is the perfect cut and come back staple, with plenty of varieties to keep your salads fresh all year round

Lettuces are fairly easy-going, but are susceptible to hot spells if not watered enough

Available in seed & bedding



Start mangetout off under cover in early Spring or sow outdoors in warm soil late Spring

Plant in full sun or partial shade & make sure your soil is moist but well-drained

Available in seed


With lots of variety to choose from, the marrow can be a versatile vegetable — something for everyone!

Similar to courgettes, Marrow plants like lots of sun, warmth & moisture, so make sure you’re watering regularly!

Available in seed & occasionally seedlings



Best grown indoors, these plants will need lots of warmth to encourage fruiting

These plants will require humidity, warmth & consistent moisture, so make sure you are watering & misting at frequent intervals

Availble in seed & occasionally seedlings


Mizuna is an easy to grow salad leaf, perfect to grow all year round!

Sow repeatedly from Spring to Autumn & under glass in Winter for spicy salad leaves throughout the colder months

Ideal for small growing spaces

Available in seed


Best grown in a greenhouse in the UK, but may survive outside during a hot summer, Okra plants need similar growing conditions to aubergines

Water regularly using tepid water & keep soil moist

Available as seed


Plant bulbs with the point facing upwards & water infrequently during dry spells

Remove any flowers that appear so the plant does not expend it’s energy on growing the flower instead of swelling the bulb

Available in sets


Onion (Spring)

Easy to grow & takes up very little space, best harvested little and often for more regular crops

Sow outdoors from March onwards for harvests throughout Summer & Autumn

Choose a well-lit position in your garden with light & free-draining soil

Availabe in seed

Pak Choi

Another easy to grow, cut & come again vegetable!

Ready to harvest in as little as 5 weeks, if bigger heads are preferable, give it 8 weeks!

Pak Choi likes cool, damp conditions, so keep plants well watered & sheltered

Available in seed & occasionally bedding



A traditional & popular Autumn or Winter crop, parsnips are undemanding, low maintenance & a must for any veg grower!

For best results sow directly outside in light, free-draining soil

Available in seed


Pea seeds won’t cultivate in cold conditions, so either make sure you start them off indoors or sow when all signs of frost have gone

Besides from this luckily peas are easy to grow & you can always harvest pea shoots for salads!

Available in seed



These plants are tender & needs lots of sun & frequent warmth in order to thrive, so are usually grown under cover or in greenhouses

Some varieties are more suited to growing outdoors than others, but mostly peppers grow best when sheltered & warm

Available in seed & seedlings


Easy and fun to grow, pumpkins need a warm sunny spot with plenty of water & shelter from cold winds!

Start indoors, then once established, plant outside in rich, fertile soil

Available in seed & occasionally seedlings



Quick & easy to grow from seed, radishes have compact plants that means it can be grown in even the smallest of spaces!

Choose a nice sunny spot in your garden & water regulalry so soil is kept moist

Sow small batches every week to keep your salads looking colourful!

Available in seed


Rhubarb is a hardy perennial that lives for many years and can thrive in even the coldest sites

Low maintenance & easy to grow, rhubarb plants are attractive enough to grow in borders before picking during spring & summer!

Available in seed & crowns


Grow in a similar way to Parsnips or Carrots in shallow drills with 1ft between rows

Scorzonera can be slow growing, but if you make sure to water seedlings if conditions are dry, then your plants will stay healthy!

Available in seed


Planted in a warm sunny location, shallots will produce a good crop of sweet, tangy bulbs that can be stored for many months!

Easy to grow, plant outdoors in free-draining soil, ready to harvest from early summer onwards

Available in sets

Soya Beans

Originating from South-East Asia, soya beans are tender plants that need full sun, heat & plenty of moisture to produce a good crop in the UK

As our climate warms & new, more resilient varieties are introduced, they’re now a more viable option

Available in seed


Delicious & nutritious, spinach provides plentiful and repeated harvest!

It’s a compact and speedy crop to fit in small spaces & containers and can even be grown in light shade in warm weather — sow little and often for harvests most the year round

Available in seeds and occasionally bedding packs


Closely related to courgettes & pumpkins, squashes are grown in a similar way, thriving in rich soil, with lots of sun & regular watering

Usually start from seed indoors in the spring & once settled outdoors, they usually only need regular watering

Available in seed & occasionally as seedlings


Sweet, juicy & delicious, strawberries are easy and rewarding to grow

Summer fruiting, perpetual & alpine strawberry varieties give you a range of choice depending on how much you like strawberries!

Available in seed & 9cm pots


An extremely hardy crop that does well in cool, damp climates

Slwo-growing, moisture-loving root vegetables, ready to harvest in Autumn & Winter

Available in seed


Best eaten as soon as possible after picking, as the sweetness declines

Choose a warm, sheltered, sunny growing site, protected from strong winds and with a fertile soil. Keep soil moist

Available in seed & occasionally bedding packs

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are tropical climbing plants grown for their edible tubers

Grow vigorously in warm conditions in a greenhouse, producing their harvest by early Autumn

Protect from frost & water regularly

Available occasionally as seedling or grafted plant


One of the most popular crops to grow – can be started from seed indoors then either grown outdoors or in a greenhouse

Tomatoes grow particularly well in a greenhouse, as they prefer the warmth & usually produces earlier & larger crops

Available in seed, seedlings or grafted plants


This easy, compact and fast-growing root vegetable is best sown little and often for harvesting from early summer to autumn

Easy & quick to grow from seed, they are ready in as little as six weeks and are best harvested young

Available in seed


Super easy to grow & require well-drained soil, sun & a little patience as they have a long growing season

Start by planting seeds in May & keep indoors until around June when all risk of frost has gone

Availlable in seed & occasionally seedlings

Zingiber (Ginger)

Ginger is a root vegetable with a fresh, spicy flavour

Plant in rich, well-drained, moisture-retentive soil in partial sun & high humidity — preferably in the border of a heated greenhouse or a container indoors

Available as bulb

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