Hanging Baskets Galore!

Hanging Baskets Galore!

19th May 2021


Hanging baskets are available at our Garden Centres now!  Bring instant colour, texture and scent to your garden this summer with a ready planted basket – simply hang on a bracket, sit back and admire!  (keep an eye on the night time temperatures, they can still drop quite low).

Can’t decide which one to choose? Why not let us make up a basket to your own specific style – you choose the plants and let us do the hard work!

Water often and thoroughly, do not allow the basket to dry out!  Plants in hanging baskets need to be watered more frequently as they will dry out from being exposed to the winds.  Deadhead frequently to prolong flowering and feed with a liquid fertiliser (to replenish nutrients lost in watering).  Finally if you can rotate your hanging basket regularly it will encourage even growth on all sides.

To order a hanging basket (or for any queries) please call 01271 343884 (Barnstaple) or 01271 320525 (Ashford).

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