9th July 2020


Lace caps, mopheads, pom poms, dark leaved and the conical shaped paniculata – we have them all.  From delicate white to pink, purple and blue, even a colour changing hydrangea, come and see our extensive selection. Prices start at just £11.99.

Hydrangeas prefer a partially shaded position with a good moisture retentive soil that is well drained in winter. They will grow in sunnier positions but make sure the soil is kept moist.

Hydrangeas are suitable for containers as well as beds. Before planting dig in lots of bulky organic matter such as compost or composted bark.  The word ‘hydra’ means water, so hydrangeas need plenty of moisture at the roots to grow well. Give the soil and roots a thorough watering once a week during dry periods.  Mulching will help retain moisture as well as keeping down the weeds!

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