22nd June 2021


This much-loved colourful shrub with flower heads in a variety of colours from blue through to white and pink, grows well in the South-West.  The most recognisable varieties are the mop-heads (huge rounded flower heads) and lace-caps (smaller, flatter more delicate flowers) which flower through summer to autumn.  Nowadays there are hydrangeas to suit all gardens including compact varieties for smaller gardens or container planting and a climbing hydrangea which has self-clinging roots which is most suited to a north facing wall.  The Hydrangea Paniculata has conical shaped flower heads in shades of white or lime green.

Being a woodland plant they grow best in dappled shade in moist well-drained soil.  Mulch each year with well-rotted manure or compost and make sure you keep it well watered during hot spells in the summer.  There is no need to feed your hydrangea as this will encourage leaf growth rather than flowers.

Available at St John's Barnstaple on 01271 343884 or St John's Ashford on 01271 320525

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