Keeping Your Lawn in Tip-Top Condition!

Keeping Your Lawn in Tip-Top Condition!

29th June 2021


Summer is all about enjoying your garden and making the most of outside space, whether sitting in the sunshine listening to the tennis (yes, Wimbledon is back!), hosting a BBQ for family and friends or playing games with the children!

Keep your lawn in tip-top condition with these simple tips –

  • Mow regularly (twice a week unless there are  prolonged periods of drought, then reduce to once)
  • Water well during dry spells (if possible use water from a water butt). Don’t worry if an established lawn goes brown, it’s not dead, it will re-green up again when it rains!
  • Feed and condition – help keep your lawn green and healthy with some TLC!  We recommend Westland Aftercut All In One – it’s a triple action lawn treatment that greens, feeds and controls moss and weeds.
  • Keep the edges neatly trimmed after mowing to stop the grass growing into your borders.

St John's Top Tip – during the summer months if you leave the cuttings on your lawn as they decompose they will release up to 30% of the required nutrients and also help to keep in moisture during hot spells.  Once cuttings have been removed remember to feed.

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