Plant Fruit Trees this November

Plant Fruit Trees this November

2nd November 2021


Late October to mid-March is the best time to plant fruit trees. Whether you are looking for just a small variety for a patio container, a variety to train against a sunny wall or an orchard, now is the time to make your garden more fruitful!

When choosing where to plant your fruit tree, think about the amount of sunlight it will get, the type of soil you have and whether it’s dry or wet and importantly the size of the tree when it is fully grown.  It’s also worth remembering that a windy location could destroy the blossom in spring resulting in a small crop.

Growing your own fruit is relatively trouble free and very rewarding and planting in November gives the roots chance to establish over the winter months ready to grow rapidly next spring.  When newly planting a fruit tree remember to put a tree guard around the trunk to protect it from rabbits and other wildlife.

We currently have the following fruit trees in stock – cherry, apple, pear, plum, damson, medlar, quince and apricot. For further availability please contact us on 01271 343884 (Barnstaple) or 01271 320525 (Ashford).

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