Pot Grown Living Christmas Trees

Pot Grown Living Christmas Trees

26th November 2021


As we head towards the festive season it’s time to think about the type of fresh Christmas tree to buy for your home!  This year why not choose an ethical, sustainable, pot-grown, living tree – one that can be used again the following year?

A pot-grown Christmas tree has been grown in the pot you buy it in, therefore making it stronger and healthier as the roots have developed in the pot without disturbance. Choose from traditional Norway Spruce to the ever popular Nordman Fir with its softer, low needle drop branches.

When buying your living tree keep it outside in a sheltered position until you are ready to bring it into your home. When bringing it indoors try and position it in a cooler location away from radiators and other heat sources. Place the tree in a decorative pot cover or saucer to protect your floor when watering and check every 4-5 days – don’t let the soil dry out!

In the springtime your tree can be planted out in your garden.  Keep it well watered throughout the first spring and summer, or alternatively replant into a bigger pot using fresh compost.

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