Briers Tuff Riggers Fleurette

The thick suede material of the Briers Fleurette Thorn-Proof Rigger Gloves will protect your hands from any brambles, thorns or hedgehogs in your garden! The subtle floral pattern adds an element of sophistication and style to these practical gloves.

  • The thick suede material is thorn proof, protecting your hands during the pruning and handling of sharp objects
  • The gloves feature a sturdy knuckle strap to protect the backs of your hands
  • Designed to be comfortable to wear, the Briers Fluerette Gloves mould to your hand shape, achieving a personalised fit
  • Subtle floral pattern will brighten your day
  • The gloves are hand washable and easy to clean
  • Size: Medium/8
Delivery OptionsLocal Collection (Barnstaple)
St John's Local Delivery
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