Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine)

Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine)

24th May 2022


Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) – if there is one climber you must have in your garden then this is the one! A woody, fast growing, evergreen climber with foliage that turns bronze in winter, and clusters of pure-white, jasmine scented, star-shaped flowers from mid to late summer. Be sure to plant near a seating area in your garden to enjoy the fragrance!

Grow in full sun or partial shade but sheltered from cold winds. This beautiful twining climber can also be grown in a conservatory in a loam-based potting compost in full light but not direct sun. Water freely and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser during the growing season.

Available at St John's Barnstaple 01271 343884 and St John's Ashford 01271 320525


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