Reward Scheme & Gift Cards

St. John’s Reward Scheme

Register for a St.John’s Reward Card at the shop tills.

A wallet size plastic card that will entitle you to points on each and every purchase you make at St.John’s  Garden Centre, in all departments of the store including the Conservatory Café (Gift Cards excluded).

Four times a year you will receive in the post a letter with information on what events we have coming up and also a reward cheque for you to use for further purchases (time limited). This reward is dependent on how much you have purchased over the past quarter. There is also a voucher with a special offer, just for reward customers. It can be a great deal on a plant or seasonal product.

We also include a set of offer cards from all the store departments giving a discount on a product for each month of the year – 15 offers per quarter. This includes the conservatory café.

How good is all that! Just ask for your exclusive ST.JOHN’S REWARD CARD and start saving.

Birthday Treat

When you sign up just let us know your birthday date and we will send you a birthday offer nearer the time.

Gift Cards

We have our own classy gift cards and envelopes for you to give as a present to someone who  prefers to browse and buy their own presents. Use them in all store departments including the café. You can put any amount of money on them, from £1.00 to £100 or more.  A gift well worth giving.

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